The Rotary Club of Eagan has held a Gala Fundraiser for many years.  Prints from the first eight years of the Gala are available for purchase.  Call Walt at 941-456-1862 for pricing, or check the catalog on the “About Powers Galleries” page.

“The Lone Oak” by Richard Plasschaert

001b-The Lone Oak

001c-The Lone Oak Richard Plasschaert-1b

“Mississippi Scullers” by Jan Wallake 

002 Mississippi Scullers

Jan Wallake

“Bluebirds in Wildflowers” by Wanda Mumm

003-Blue Birds in Wildflowers Wanda Mumm

“Answering the Call” by Daniel Renn Pierce

01-Answering the Call-1

Daniel Renn Pierce-2

“Family Matters” with a “remark” by Stephen Hamrick

004-Family Matters

Stephen Hamrick-1a

“Trillium in Spring” by Darlene Brooks

005 Trillium in Spring

Darlene Brooks

“River Valley Majesty” by Rick Kelley

006 River Valley Magisty

Rick Kelley-1

“Dream Dancer” by Marie Buchfink

Dream Dancer LEP unframed

Marie Buchfink-2a

Dream Dancer Original framed“Dream Dancer” Original painting by Marie Buchfink

Family Matters original-2
“Family Matters” Original painting by Stephen Hamrick